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More Hurricanes, an Earthquake, and More People in Need

hurricane irma


It seems as if the bad news just won’t stop. As the Caribbean islands and Florida were bracing for Hurricane Irma and parts of Mexico were already being hit by Hurricane Katia, an 8.1 magnitude earthquake struck, with five deaths reported so far. 13 deaths have been confirmed in the Caribbean islands, with that number expected to rise. Unfortunately after Irma passes, it seems as if Hurricane Jose will be following close behind.

All of these horrible situations mean that even more people are in desperate need of our help now. There are countless charities and organizations to donate to, especially because Hurricane Irma has hit the Lesser Antilles and Puerto Rico, and is heading towards the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba before making landfall in Florida.

Here are a few charities where you can donate money to help those in need:

Oxfam have worked in the Caribbean for more than 30 years, and is currently working with Haiti where 3 million people could be affected by the Hurricane.

The British Red Cross has volunteers on the ground in many islands in the Caribbean, ready to help provide first aid, shelter, and water to those in need.

Unicef helps provide clean water and food to the millions of children that will need to eat and drink in the aftermath of the storms.

Save the Children has teams on the ground already to help as needed. You can donate to their emergency fund here.

There aren’t many resources available yet as to where to donate to help Mexican earthquake victims as it’s been less than 24 hours, but the charities above help people around the world, so it is safe to assume that money donated there will also benefit those in Mexico and Florida as well.

Once again, we love our community, and how caring you all are. Knitters and crafters really are some of the most lovely and giving people in the world!

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